What is Anaerobic Digestion?

Anaerobic Digestion is the biological breakdown of organic matter such as animal manures, food wastes, and biomass in the absence of Oxygen.

The products of Anaerobic Digestion are methane rich Biogas and Biofertiliser.

Anaerobic Digestion and the subsequent use of the products creates carbon neutral energy and fertiliser and can help farmers and growers who wish to reduce their Carbon footprint and add to the bottom line at the same time!

The UK Government is working towards reducing our reliance on both fossil based and imported energy and has stated that Anaerobic Digestion has an important part to play.

The NFU vision for anaerobic digestion sets an aspiration of 1,000 farm-based anaerobic digestion plants by 2020.

Feed In Tariffs

The introduction of the new Feed in Tariffs for renewable electricity and the Renewable Heat Initiative guarantees a significant income stream for the next 20 years which can only help in the credit crunch struggle to obtain finance.