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Founded in Cornwall in 2007 by dairy farming brothers Julian and Rob Maiklem, Green and Pleasant Renewables Ltd (G&P) specialises in developing and operating a network of farm scale waste based AD plants. With a process designed by British farmers for British farmers, we take components from various technology providers and combine them to create and operate a product that is greater than the sum of its parts.

AD is the accelerated breakdown of organic material in a low Oxygen environment. An AD plant is essentially a large artificial stomach. The products are:

  • Energy rich Biogas
  • Nutrient rich Bio-fertiliser
  • Carbon rich Biomass

AD is not a new technology, it was first used commercially in the UK in Exeter in 1895 when the city’s streetlamps were lit by “sewage gas” what we would now call Biogas. The UK was the largest producer of Biogas in Europe until 2005 when overtaken by Germany though UK Biogas was almost exclusively produced at sewage treatment plants. AD was sidelined in the early part of the twentieth century by the discovery and exploitation of cheap and plentiful fossil fuels.

We help our customers with every stage of planning installing and operating farm based and small scale AD systems. From initial enquiry through design, planning and permitting, to installation, operation and maintenance, our customers need only come to us. Our systems are designed to ensure affordability and reliability for individual SME and are particularly targeted at those who would rather recycle feedstock and organic matter than specialise in energy crops.

Our Hi-tech food waste processing Hubs produce a regularised sanitised high energy low emission feedstock known as AdFuel™ to supplement small scale, farm based AD systems known as Pods. These Pods, in addition to the AdFuel™, process manures and slurries, farm based organic wastes, crop residues, and energy crops to produce renewable energy, organic Biomass soil improver, and organic Bio-fertiliser.

Our model offers a range of ownership and operation options although our contracted farm sites to date are agreed on a lease basis in which we own and operate the plant via SPV and generate income for the landowner for an agreed period which is usually minimum 20 years.

Green and Pleasant Renewables Ltd is based near Looe in South East Cornwall with offices in St Austell, Plymouth, Gloucester, and Dorchester ensuring easy access to all parts of Southern England and Wales, and to the North and Scotland via London and Birmingham. The South West is England's largest and most rural region with over 50,000 agricultural holdings, a quarter of all UK holdings and is home to more than one third of the national dairy herd.

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