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Farmers and growers

Farmers & Growers

Make money from your muck! 

Produce biogas, a truly green energy source and reduce fertiliser costs. It's alchemy for agriculture!

Waste Producers

Waste Producers

We want your waste!

Pubs and restaurants, food processors and local authorities can all cut the cost of organic waste disposal. Improve your bottom line and your public image by channeling your organic waste to AD.

Communities and Colleges

Communities & Colleges

Localism & Learning!

Add an AD plant to your college or as a community project and combine education, localism and sustainability in your community.



The time is right to invest in AD!

We have a diverse range of projects that require funding. Why not add a profitable, sustainable and environmentally positive element to your portfolio.

Welcome to Green and Pleasant

Green and Pleasant Renewables Ltd is a one stop shop for the design, supply and installation of smaller scale, localised Anaerobic Digestion plants. Our systems are designed to fit a wide range of scenarios, from small slurry based digesters viable on farms with as few as 50 Livestock Units through to dedicated biogas plants accepting food waste and biomass and supplying renewable electricity to the National Grid.

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